Most Popular VR Porn Apps people are using?

Each day, more and more folks around the world are purchasing and using VR goggles. Some are using them for watching psychotropic content, play games or enter make believe worlds. There are others who do so to view pornography or some form of adult material. Virtual reality offers immersive experiences unlike anything most have seen before. Using 3D and graphics that appear to be there for the grabbing is only the tip of the iceberg. You also have 360 degrees and 180-POV perspective which make the entire viewing process mind-altering.

As the usage of VR continues to increase, so are the number of apps available to use with the headgear. Some of the applications are adult oriented for viewing and interacting with sexually explicit material. That includes raunchy and salacious sexual situations, games and much more. Others apps let you stream videos or see them right from your smartphone.

Badoink VR – They say that if you want the best you have to pay for it. That is true since this app and site are regarded as the superior place for finding VR porn content. The Badoink VR app allows people to view thousands of the latest, hottest and raunchiest adult material. You can use the $1. trial to see if it’s worth it or not.

Sex Like Real App – With 24 full-length complimentary videos, 1-click playback and dozens of other features, this app is a must have for VR porn lovers. More so if you don’t want to download adult movies. The Sex Like Real App lets you stream over 5,000 videos. There are 10 updates each day and high quality content to enjoy.

Pornhub VR – Whether you choose the free or premium version, either will allow you to access tons of sexually explicit material. Of course the premium has higher quality and longer movies. Still, there is are many reasons why people love this adult website and all the VR porno they can find on it. The app is only another reason to love the Pornhub site even more.

Virtual Real Player – Both Android and Apple users need to have this app installed on their mobile devices. It is the gateway that opens the door for watching any type of videos; including porn. Whether you have an Oculus Rift, HTV Vive or any other VR goggles, Virtual Real Player is essential. Works flawlessly with windows and other platforms.

Fulldive VR – Anyone who likes to download their own sex movies needs this app. It is essential for watching all the content you have downloaded to your mobile phone. The application has several features which make it that much more awesome, such as a ‘Sexy’ section.

VRPorn Web App – Virtual reality pornography enthusiasts likely know about the VRPorn site. They have some of the wildest, titillating and arousing VR sex movies online. Their app is great since you don’t have to download any videos. Instead, you can stream them directly from the app and enjoy thousands of them.