An animated explainer video is one of the most effective ways to raise brand awareness, increase engagement, supercharge your SEO, and increase conversions. People just plain like animation, and explainer videos are getting more popular every year.

More marketers are using video marketing to get their message out there, as well as competing for as many eyeballs as possible!  In fact 50% of users watch business related videos On YouTube once a week.

But whilst we’re seeing a rise in brands creating videos we’re also witnessing a slight decline in people actually viewing them.  Is it because we’re now being flooded with videos and it’s becoming a saturated marketplace? Or is it because this flood is marked by boring, non-engaging videos? Could be both.

Many marketers are still making the error of creating long videos. Whatever happened to making it short and sweet?  One of the main benefits of videos is the ease and simplicity of getting your message across.  What a viewer would read in several minutes from a written article they can watch in seconds with video!

With the popularity of video marketing we’re also seeing an increase in videos that are often very salesy or all about the brand or product.  This doesn’t inform or educate, or even amuse, and so turns people off.

You should focus on video quality.  There’s nothing worse than watching a video that has either low quality picture output and/or sound. And they will have a detrimental effect on your reputation. Without using the proper equipment you will most likely produce a grainy picture. Check out the best tools for creating animated videos for your business:

  • Powtoon. This is great for creating how-to videos, slideshows and business presentations. It is suitable for students and educators and comes with 11 pre-loaded templates. Users can easily customise the text, characters, transitions and effects to create a cartoon. The free version allows you to upload your video to YouTube or Wistia.
  • Moovly. This tool offers a range of libraries full of free assets that can be easily dragged and dropped to make a unique video. Users are rewarded in additional sounds or objects when completing simple tasks like filling out their profile. An unlimited number of 10 minute videos can be created with the free account in 480p quality.
  • GoAnimate. This is considered to be one of many YouTubers’ favourite tools to create superior quality video animations. With GoAnimate, you don’t need to have any animation skills or video production knowledge to create professional looking cartoons in Full HD. It allows you to choose from 3 themes: “Business Friendly”, “Whiteboard Animation” or “Video Infographics”, and then customize your characters, props, background, text, audio, speed and duration. Videos can be downloaded and exported once you’re done. GoAnimate is easy to use and ideal for product promotion in small to medium sized businesses, freelancers and YouTubers.

There are a multitude of free online video animation tools out there that can provide great promotional material for your company. If you’re lacking in animation expertise, on a tight budget, or have limited time constraints, free online animation tools can provide a great, cheap alternative to outsourcing animations to a professional video studio.